Why car doesn’t start after it rains?

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Why car won’t start after a heavy rainfall?

Reasons why car doesn’t start after it rains


Many times when it is down pouring heavily then the car sometimes resists to move smoothly and also if it is parked outside in the rain then many times it won’t start in one go and this problem of cars not starting in one go is conferred to many reasons and mainly seen in old cars. Mostly the reasons are the wearing off wires in old vehicles and sometimes the discharged battery is to be blamed and many times there are electrical issues in the car and sometimes the distributor cap might have a crack in it which could also be a potential reason for a car not starting. And the vulnerability of a car depends on the age and also how well it is kept or maintained over the years.

Many times the reason can be the one in which the water has gotten access to the inner parts due to the wrong driving habits, while driving with high speed if your car gets through deep puddles then the splash of water can get into the internal parts which in the longer run can cause bigger damage to your car.

Why car won’t start after a heavy rainfall?

The cars have made tremendous technological advancements over the years and with these advancements cars are provided with manifold technical equipment which makes them more prone for electrical damages and with the heavy rainfall the vulnerable parts of the car get caught with water that will make complications in starting the car. The car with so many electronics can be easily broken down and majorly the reason which is responsible for your car not starting is the wearing off of the old wires in the car and the spark plugs ( sparkplugs are on the head of the internal combustion engine and spark plugs are used as a source of ignition ) are at the fault and cracks in the distributor cap ( Protecting the distributor in engine and a distributor is a intermediary which is used to send the voltage to the spark plugs ) is also responsible many times.

Reasons why car doesn’t start after if rains:-

  • Old and wet wires: As the car ages and becomes old then many internal wires will break off and becomes feeble and thus contributes to the stoppage of your car. Misfiring and short circuiting can also happen and as the systems are more advanced now thus have many internal connections which can create trouble, and many times the wear out rubber filaments can also let water inside the car which can also damage the wiring like the wiring of the sensors, or of the turn signals etc. So, for this reason have regular inspections of your car with the mechanic, as internal weak connections can only be checked by the mechanics and get them replaced thereafter and your car won’t stop if this was the issue.
  • Corroded terminals : Every terminal can become easily corrosive due to damp weather. Corrosion ( Metals when comes in contact with oxygen undergoes oxidation and by this process a metal becomes weak, example of corrosion is rusting of iron which means corrosion can destroy your solid structures) on the terminals is also many times the reason when a current will not be transmitted to the other terminals in the engine which breaks the system resulting in not starting of car. But corrosion of terminals can be protected by the protective paints, these protective paints will keep the direct contact of the metal and oxygen.
  • Spark plugs : The most common reason of a car not starting after a heavy rainfall is because of the spark plugs but spark plugs malfunctioning also deteriorate other functions in a car but halting a car or car not starting can also be because of spark plugs failure. The spark plugs are small structures that create an arc of electricity across two leads which ultimately makes the engine to produce power so, if the spark plug go bad then it won’t produce spark and thus power from the engine will not be generated. And a bad spark plug causes other problems in the car like incomplete combustion which will decrease fuel economy. So, having your spark plugs replaced will be a good option that could be a potential cause for your car not starting in a damp weather.
  • Distributor cap : Distributor cap also many times responsible if your car won’t start after a heavy rainfall. Distributor cap develops cracks in it with time thus you have to replace the distributor cap after examining it. Also open your distributor cap and check whether inside of the distributor cap is damp or not and if it is wet then it won’t work and this could be the reason why your car is not starting. The distributor cap covers the distributor which provides voltage from ignition coil to spark plugs, one can say the distributor works as an intermediary and passes current from one entity to the other. Car not starting can might be a sign that your distributor is not working well, so get it replaced then your car will work properly.
  • Dead battery : Battery failure cannot happen because of the rainy weather but if the battery is old then the rain could act as a trigger which will make your battery to not work properly and thus your car will not start but this is one of the fewest reason which will stop your car. And for this you can recharge your battery again or can even get a new battery for your car.
  • Engine failure : Small amount of water cannot hinder the functioning of an engine but if the water keep on entering the internal system of car again and again then in the longer it is for sure going to damage the internal parts can cause engine failure and this will cost you huge amount of money, so to avoid this huge costing go for regular checkups of your car and maintain your car well.

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Conclusion :

Many times car not starting in the rainy season is because of the above discussed reason and to prevent the frequent halting of your car in mid of the road while a heavy down pouring, keep your car frequently checked by the mechanic and get your worn out equipment out of the car and replace them with the new ones. The small parts of the cars like the spark plugs and the distributor caps can get easily replaced but if you will keep on ignoring these small faults then in the longer it is going to cost much. Regular servicing of car is for our own vehicle’s betterment.

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