Which fog light is better halogen or LED?


LED fog lights and halogen fog lights both solve the same purpose of illuminating the road surface in close proximity of car thus enhancing the chances of smooth movement of car in bad weather condition mainly in foggy weather condition. Fog lights are essential only when you are facing foggy weather conditions as in foggy weather one can not see things clearly, but if you live in a place where there is no glance of fog then getting fog lamps on your vehicle will be of no use and this can cause you difficulty as well because using fog lights during day time or at the time when there is no fog around can get you a penalty from traffic police as keeping your fog lights turned on is not legal during day time when the sky is clear. With the aid of fog lights one can also become visible to the oncoming vehicles in the front direction with the help of the front fog lights which are placed on the bumpers below the main beam headlights. And also becomes visible to the vehicle which is approaching from the rear side with the help of the rear fog lights in adverse weather conditions with the help of the rear fog lights which are placed just beside the brake lights, both brake lights and rear fog lights share same color i.e. of red color, slight difference one can notice in them.

Functions of fog lights Halogen fog lights LED fog lights
Easy to installEasy easy to moderation
Temperature warm temperature less warm temperature
Dispersion of fogmore dispersionless dispersion
Comprehension by eyes easily comprehended not easy on eyes
Costcheaper costly
shelf lifefor 2 to 3 yearslasts for many years
Difference between Halogen and LED fog lights

Halogen versus LED fog lights:-

Halogen fog lights are the fog lights of standard type and comes manufactured from the OEM and solves the purpose of visibility of road in bad weather conditions . When it comes to halogen fog lights, the duration of these lights are not for long periods i.e. they don’t survive for longer periods and can last only for two or three years maximum and for halogen fog lights you have to replace it again and again as they won’t last for life long but when it comes to the LED lights they will work for much longer periods. And in case of LED fog lights, you don’t need to get in the heck of replacing your old fog lights again and again with the new ones in few years.

The LED fog lights is one time investment but will cost you a good amount of money in starting but if you want to go with the cheaper and an efficient functioning fog lights than you can switch to halogen lamps if you don’t want to invest hefty amount of money initially. And when it comes to functioning the halogen lights have the capacity to disperse fog well and even though LED fog light produces more brightness it doesn’t disperse the fog well but LED fog lights gives better result when the right light and right wattage of bulb will be chosen for effective functioning. But when it comes to the intensity and brightness then LED light are more effective and are available in both warm and cool temperature. LED fog lights which produces yellow light ( yellow light is much more efficient in penetrating fog and makes you more visible for the oncoming vehicles in the front ) is better option than the White light producing LED Fog lamps as they will help you more with the smooth driving experience.

Halogen fog lamps only offers one yellow light type whereas in LED you can see variety of colors like white, blue, red, indigo and violet colors. But majorly used LEDs for fog lamps are generally white in color which is used for the front fitting and red LED fog lights are used in the rear end of cars and they have more intensity then the breaking lights. The blue LED fog lamps are also used but very less often as blue lights doesn’t show much effectiveness in the bad weather conditions and produces glaring effect and make difficult for the driver to drive in bad weather condition.

The PROS and CONS of Halogen fog light:


  • Halogen lights are not expensive, so if you want to keep up with the stuff which work efficiently for small duration then its a sure yes product for you to buy.
  • The functioning of halogen fog lights is much more better, as the lights from the fog lamps can disperse fog well.


  • The Halogen fog lights won’t last for longer periods and you have get new ones for your car after two to three years later.
  • Though the working of halogen fog lights is more effective but it will not lone satisfy you with its working along with fog lights other main headlights either the high beam headlights or the low beam headlights has to be turned on then only one can drive well.

The PROS and CONS of LED fog lights :-


  • The LED fog lights are although initially can cost you a good amount of money but when it comes for a life long investment then you won’t regret after investing your money in these fog lamps.
  • The brightness of LED fog lights is much better. Only with the LED fog lights turned on one can experience the fine illumination of road .
  • The LED fog lights are available in both warm and cool temperature whereas the halogen fog lights is only available in warm temperature only.


  • The LED fog lights are not easy on eyes of the oncoming drivers and can cause blinding of eyes, thus causing difficulty in driving.
  • LED fog lights don’t disperse fog well when compared to halogen fog lights.

Which is better halogen or LED fog lights ?

Though the Halogen fog light is the basic standard type of fog light and have more pros than LED fog lights but still the popularity of LED fog lights is increasing as they are providing more aesthetic to your car, thus gaining more fan following because of this reason. One can choose fog light after taking into consideration what are the Pros and Cons of different fog lights and which fog light suit you under different circumstances as both work distinctively for different situation.

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