When should i change tyres of my car?

Important points :

  • Sidewalls damage and tread wears tells that it’s time to change your car tyres.
  • Uneven tread wears are present because of poor alignment of tyres and imbalanced tyres ( one should get the tyres aligned and balanced after every 5,000 km)

Introduction :

Every automotive owner gets baffled by this question many times that when is the right time to change tyres of my car ? Professionals can help us much in this case but we can on our own do the inspection of our automotive before reaching to the professionals. Rather visual inspection of the tyres by inspecting the tread wears, sidewalls breakage and many times internal factors like the recurring imbalanced tyre or the unaligned tyres can also tell that a tyre needs replacement. Tread wearing and sidewalls damage are caused by many reasons like :

  • Tyre aging is the main reason.
  • Again and again misaligned tyres and imbalanced tyres.
  • Tread wearing and sidewalls damage is majorly done by improper inflated tyres and many more reasons are there that damages a tyre and those reasons are described below.

What damages tyres ?

With time the compound of tyre deteriorates and becomes unwell for usage. When your car comes in contact with the sun and with rays of sun, UV radiations also comes in direct contact with your car which causes tyres to become brittle and hard thus, becomes unfit for driving long distance and lifespan of tyres also decreases this way. Tyres gets misaligned and imbalanced because of rough terrains and driving through potholes and this causes damage to the tyres. Tread wearing and sidewalls damage is caused due to continuous rolling of tyres but the uneven tyre wearing can happen because of the imbalanced and misaligned tyres. Tyre life can be increased by tyre rotation, tyre rotation will help keeping tyres from uneven wearing.

Other than the environmental factors and aging, one of the major contributing factor is the wrong driving habits that causes tyres deterioration, continuous pressing of breaks and continuous pressing of acceleration will impacts the tyres as high acceleration and high brakes directly causes the tread wearing ( because of friction between road and tyres ) thus repercussion is only the tyre damage. Apart from the environmental factors and the physical factors and wrong driving habits, one very important thing that also impacts the tyre is wrong infaltion practices of tyres.

Tyre in good condition

How to increase life of tyres one can learn from below described post, do read it:

5 ways to increase lifespan of your car tyres ?

How to evaluate condition of tyres ?

  • By the Penny test :
  • By the tread depth gauge :
  • By physical inspection :
  • By interacting with professional :
  • Penny test: In penny test you put a coin inside the tread and if you will find that half of the penny is inside the tread then learn that your tread is in good condition and can work effectively but if penny is fully visible then it’s time to change your car tyres.
  • Tread depth gauge: With the help of tread depth gauge you can learn if your tyre is well for usage or not. In many countries it is a rule that the length of the tread should not be below the 1.6mm but in many places the rule is not followed strictly but it is a wonderful indicator to check if your tread are in good shape or not.
  • Physical examination: With visual inspection you can check if your tyres are physically damaged or if in good condition. If tread is wearing( shallow tread wear or uneven tread wear), if sidewalls are damaged or if uneven tread wears are present because of poor alignment of tyres and imbalanced tyres ( one should get the tyres aligned and balanced after every 5,000 km).
  • Interaction with professional: You can interact with a professional and thereafter you will learn if you need to change your tyres or if it is not required to change your tyre.
Damaged tyre

When to change your car tyres ?

Tyres are made up of natural rubber and this natural compound deteriorates easily but by the addition of carbon black the strength and durability of tyres are increased, but with the addition of carbon black a tyre doesn’t become imperishable, so after few years one have to bid goodbye to their tyres and have to switch to new tyres. But what are the reasons that damages tyres and hastens the deterioration of tyres ( described above in the section what damages a tyre ). Below are all the reasons after which you should have your tyres changed or replaced as they are no longer beneficial to you or to your vehicle :

  1. Wrong Driving Habits like accelerating more and pressing brakes again and again, Speeding and passing speed breakers swiftly etc. kills a tyre after which tread wear off and after complete vanished treads you should surely replace your tyres.
  2. Environment factors like extreme weather conditions and high temperatures damages the walls of tyres. And the number one cause of tyre damaging is the UV radation and with this the tyre becomes brittle and hard and this easily breaks the rubber which becomes unsuitable for long road trips.
  3. Wrong inflation also damages tyres. Overinflated tyres have less footprint thus have less grip on road which becomes susceptible for road accidents and when a tyre is underinflated then footprint increases thus the friction deteriorates the treads and complete deterioration of treads is call for a new tyre.
  4. Unaligned tyres and imbalanced tyres are also a major contributing factor causes tread wears and sidewalls damage which ultimately demands for a tyre change.
  5. Neglecting incompatible combination of tyres and rims, this hastens the tyre damage and will be a call for a tyre change in the longer run.
  6. Neglecting the damaged component of suspension which gives bumpy rides can be corrected in early stages but tells about the need to replace tyres if happens continously.
  7. Vibration and uncomfortable rides also tells about the damaged components initially but later on in the longer period will result in replacement of tyres.

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Frequent question that are asked:

Should you change all the tyres in one go?

Yes, you should change all the tyres in one go, if you use new tyres along with the old ones then your new tyre will deteriorate unevenly.

After how much time you should change your tyres?

After 10 years, a tyre should be retired or after 50,000 km you should go for the tyre change. But if the tire tread is wore off because of different reasons then you must quickly change your tyre.

which tyres should you change first, front or the rear tyres?

Rear tyres should be changed first because they provide more stability to the vehicle.

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