What is the difference among SUV, MPV, hatchback, Sedan and luxury cars

A car is an automobile that is used for transportation, a car runs on road and a car offers varying seating capacity for the passengers that is from seat 2 to 9. Car runs on 4 wheel that is used mainly for the transportation of people and is also known as passenger vehicle. In a car other than seating capacity there is space for cargo but only small amount of cargo can be carried through it. Different kinds of fuels are used in a car which can be gasoline/petrol, electricity, diesel, natural gas , hydrogen and solar energy. There are many car types available in automobile market depending on different properties, for example on the basis of type of body (Hatchback, Sedan, Crossover, SUV and MPV etc.), type of fuel used (petrol/ gasoline engine, diesel engine), type of gear shifts in a car (manual transmission and automatic transmission), on the basis of type of wheel drive present in a cars (front- axle drive and rear- axle drive).

Difference among cars

Below, few cars are described on the basis of their type of body : hatchback, sedan, crossover, SUV, MPV and luxury cars:-

SUV : SUV is also known as the Sports Utility Vehicle and suburban utility vehicle that can be used to drive in the rough roads and also can be used for city driving and this all conferred to the typical 4X4 capability of SUVs which make them capable for both terrains. SUV is a classified light truck which not only runs on the rugged roads but can also be used as a family vehicle. SUVs are of multiple sizes i.e. small SUVs (eg. Maruti Brezza, Tata Nexon, Hyundai Tuscon etc.) , midsize SUVs (eg. Ford edge, Kia Sorento etc.) and large SUVs (eg. Ford Expedition, Toyota Sequoia etc. ). The most impressive quality of all SUVs is that they have suspension that puts them higher off the ground when compared to hatchback and it makes the to have soft landing as well, SUVs have comparatively tall bodies and mainly are available with 4 wheel drive and one alluring feature of SUVs is that they have extra ground clearance and because of their tall body and extra ground clearance they are getting so much of popularity as they can be used for both purposes, for off road drives and also for the city drives. Some SUVs have 4 wheel drive but others don’t, like in small SUVs all the 4 wheels cannot be seen as the wheels don’t get the power from engine. This 4 wheel device is mostly only available for higher priced versions and this 4 drive wheels means that all four wheels gets power from the engine and this helps to get SUVs to the rugged terrains and also makes them eligible for the city driving and this also gives an edge when comes to safety.

  • SUVs have taller bodies when compared to other cars.
  • Can be used to drive in rough terrains as well for city driving purposes.
  • Seating capacity is for 6 to 7 passengers.

Sedan : A sedan is mainly a passenger car that have 4 doors and 3 box configuration can be seen. These 3 boxes is home for different things, in the first box it holds the engine and in the second cabinet there is space for passengers and in the last box it accommodates cargo. The trunk is generally elongated and enclosed to hold cargo and this cargo carrying section is separated from passenger’s section by the rear seat in the back thus a separate room is created. Sedan is available in many variations like close coupled Sedan club, Sedan convertible, Sedan fastback etc. Seating capacity is only for five passengers and the elongated trunk which holds the cargo cannot carry large pieces and it becomes difficult to slide in and pull out large boxes out of the sedan. Sedan gives have an appealing external body that attracts many people to get one for them. The example of Sedan is Honda city, Toyota Camry and Hyundai Accent etc. Sedan’s ground clearance is low when compared to SUV. Sedans are more faster when compared to other cars as sedans have light weights that makes it to have better acceleration.

  • Sedan have three box configuration, in the first box engine is placed, 2nd box is for carrying passengers and 3rd box is for cargo.
  • Seating capacity is only for 5 passengers.

MPV :MUV (Multi utility vehicle) and MPV ( Multi purpose vehicle) both are the same things. MPV is also known by the name Multi people carrier sometimes as it can provide seating space for large number of people, MPV can have 5 seats, 9 seats or something in between. In MPVs capacity for passengers can be increased and for other conveniences space can be increased in MPV by removing seats or by folding seats in various ways and this tells that MPV are made in such an order that it prioritizes it’s passenger’s comfort and convenience before anything else. MPVs comes in varied sizes that is in small size as well as in big size. The smaller MPVs can have passengers up to 5 but as the size increases it start to accommodate more passengers. Least seat availability in MPVs is 5 but the biggest MPVs can have as many as 9 passengers in them. MPV in many ways is better than the other cars as they gives you more space as the body shape of MPVs are designed in such a way that they are taller and have squared body that provide passengers with more interior space and also lets easy passage of passengers and loads in and out of the vehicle. MPVs are built with families in mind they often have features that are designed especially for kids and parents , these includes flip out tables to help keep children occupied and also have underfloor storage for toys and kit.

  • MPVs offers carrying capacity to the maximum number passengers i.e. 9, when compared to other cars.
  • MPVs have taller and squared body that provide passengers with more interior space.
  • Seating capacity is from 5 to 9 passengers.

Hatchback: Hatchback are the cars that have 2 box configuration in which the first compartment is for the engine and passengers and the other compartment is conferred for the accommodation of cargo. The cargo can be very easily placed inside and taken out of the cargo area, even big loads can be easily slide in and pulled out of the hatchback which cannot be not seen in the sedans as they have very limited area available for cargo and in the hatchback the cargo are space is bigger. Mainly a solid swing up package tray or sometimes a soft pull out cargo area cover is present and both the covers can be easily removed and their function is to primarily cover the cargo from view. The tail gate in hatchback that gives access to the cargo area flip upwards and from this hatch like opening in hatchback , the car got it’s name. The advantage of hatchback is that they are more fuel efficient because of their small size when compared to SUVs as SUV are taller and bigger cars which makes them less fuel efficient.

  • Hatchback have 2 box configuration, first compartment is for engine and passenger and the other side is for cargo.
  • Cargo can be easily placed in and taken out of the cargo area.
  • Seating capacity is for 4 to 5 people only.

Luxury cars: Luxury cars are similar to normal cars but there is only one difference that differentiate luxury cars and from the normal cars is the “Superior quality of everything in every aspect”. In luxury cars every component, every part gets the minute detailing and are always of the superior class. The comfort and convenience of passengers are kept in consideration first, the interiors of luxury cars are of high quality. Many times the car gets the tag of luxurious cars from their brand name. The luxury cars are the finest every time you step into the car, the soft touch of the materials, active suspensions that gives you a smooth ride will always make you want more. Automatic control linked to everything makes you to enjoy your ride hassle-free. The inner cabin is always insulated from the outer noise and is always enough spaced that adequate knee room and leg room is available.

  • In luxury cars every component, every part gets the minute detailing and are always of the superior class.
  • Many times the car get the tag of the luxurious car from their brand name.
  • Seating capacity is mostly for 4 to 5 passengers.

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