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Learning new things are always challenging, they demand both your time and focus and if continuous efforts are made for particular things then surely anyone can learn anything. Learning how to drive a car is also a difficult thing however with efforts and practice one can learn how to drive a car.

Here Top 10 essential driving tips are shared from which one can learn and improve the driving skills because as beginners, things are little tough however with practice you will get best at things.

  1. Learn basics of Driving : Learn everything about the basics of Driving a Car i.e. all the essentials like car pedals, controls of gear stick, steering wheel handling and also know the skill of road judgement as road judgement is also a very crucial thing. Getting familiar to basic things will improve your car driving experience. The clutch functioning, how to start a car, how to stop a car, how to use the half clutch and one should not reverse a running car etc. also other important things must be learned for safe driving. Also Read : Driving and Smoking Barefoot Driving, Driving with shoes and safe driving
  2. Wear Seatbelt : Wearing seatbelt is a very essential thing as it is going to protect the people sitting inside the car from serious injuries that can happen if the car land into any kind of accident or because of car momentum one also gets jerk while sitting in a moving car ( body falls forward to maintain the motion of inertia whenever brakes are applied ) so seatbelt is going to protect you from such kind of situation. Seat belt protect the passengers from falling to the front.
  3. Learn all Dashboard functioning : Be it the functioning of wipers or be it learning the functioning of how to turn on light or learning how to give signals to turn ( turn indicators ), how to operate infotainment system etc., all these dashboard functioning are very important information while learning how to drive. Another crucial thing is the learning of the icons that comes on the dashboard once the car gets into that situation for example if your fuel is low then your car will start to give signal to you that car fuel is low ( in some cars Amber light comes on and blinking of Amber light comes when the fuel is of very little quantity and in some cars digitally signal is given ), you must get your car fuel filled as soon as possible after such indication or such kind of indications comes at any time with the respective situation. So learning all the dashboard functioning and all about the icons is a substantial thing.
  4. Be Calm and Confident while driving : A safe driving is more a brain dependent function as a calm brain will give effective triggers and because of a serene nerves the drivers will be having an excellent driving skills and will surely drive upheaval free. With practice and experience you will learn this art of calm driving and will surely going to be a confident driver because this undisturbed and confident driving technique can only be learned with practice and time. However a beginner or a new driver must have confidence in themselves at least in order to learn how to drive. Many times the requirement of calm brain is there for example in handling a high speed on highway driving need more calm brain, driving in heavy demand calm nerves etc.
  5. Practice Shifting of Gears and Steering Wheel Handling Simultaneously : Practice all the pedals synchrony at lower gears and that too at an open place. Also practice shifting of gears and simultaneous steer wheel handling at with a stagnant car. This is one of the important step in driving because handling the gear knob is a difficult task initially so one have to practice gear shifting along with the steering handling. Different gears are demanded by the car at different speed for example at “0 to 20 ” first gear is required however at from “20 to 40” second gear is required and from “40 to 60” third gear is required at “60 to 80” fourth gear is required and “80 to 100” fifth gear is required ( Only described for car having 5 gears, many cars have 6 gears so small gears will have same operation in 6 gear car however for high speed the functioning will be changed ) so this is an essential concept which one has to learn. And controlling car’s steering wheel and gear stick needs practice so, we have included this important point in our driving tips on how to drive a car.
  6. Don’t go for tailgating : This is a necessary tip one must learn is to don’t go for tailgating, what is tailgating before anything ? Tailgating is driving behind a vehicle with very less distance between the two vehicles. And this is not a good practice especially in hills and sometimes in traffic also because the vehicle can anytime move back, in hills many times a difficult situation for driver arise to carry their vehicle forward without it getting backward ( Clutch and acceleration synchrony is required which is not an easy task on hills because vehicle move backward under the influence of gravity). So if anyone is tailgating your vehicle then they have to suffer a lot because it will make whole a chaotic scenario. And in traffic to clear traffic, drivers many times have to retrace their path and then and there only you will realize that tailgating have made your car to get stuck inside the traffic.
  7. Use direction indicators : For The beginners or the first time drivers or female drivers while learning how to drive car must learn the essential lesson of using indicators. It is always an important thing to learn to turn on indicators as the vehicle behind you can only judge your direction ( in which direction you are going Left or Right ) by your indicators. On roundabout and on crossroads and on turns you need to turn on indicators during the day time and especially during night time as indicators are prerequisite for safe and hassle free driving. Use of turn signals is also important while changing lanes on highway as high speed cars are there on highway so if you are going to change lane then it must be informed move to the other drivers coming after you. This essential tip will keep you and your car safe on highway as everyone will get alert by your signaling. Also Read : How far the car will go after the low fuel light comes on? when should I change my car tyres ?
  8. Have “L” sign on the front and rear of the car : Having “L” letter indicator on the front and rear side of the car is very much required thing. Initially when a person is beginner or a new driver then their driving skills are not polished and they have many things at which they are not good however not having good driving skills initially can be dangerous thing to the driver and also to the other people driving on the highway. Because many times certain situation arises in which a novice cannot handle their car well so to avoid any troublesome situation the new drivers and the beginners must have this “L” sign imprinted on their car.
  9. Don’t drive at High speed : We really want to tell you this that don’t go quick on driving at high speed. Speed many times thrills but can kill also and in many cases car crashes happen because of the high speed and many times distraction is responsible so don’t be hard on accelerator pedal before getting your skills sharpened. Shift to high gear gradually not swiftly.
  10. Carry All Essential Car documents : All essential car documents must be their in your car:
  • Driving License
  • Car insurance
  • Registration Certificate
  • Pollution Under control Certificate


  • Can a learner license holder drive car ?

No, Learner license holder can not drive a vehicle with gears they are only eligible to drive a non gear vehicle and that too under the supervision driving license holder.

  • What kind of car is best to learn driving ?

Cars with low bonnet and clear front view on both the left and right side is best car to use for learning driving, also use used cars when you are learning how to drive because initially damage ( dents or scratches ) can easily happen to your car. Also start from small cars.

  • What is best time to learn driving ? Driving during the morning time and during the afternoon time (in summers) and also you can drive during night time but drive in familiar place only.

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