Top 10 Car Brands in India 2023 – Best Car Brands in India 2023

Top 10 Car brands in India are described below which states the Best Car brands in India in 2023 :

  1. Maruti Suzuki
  2. Hyundai
  3. Tata Motors
  4. Mahindra & Mahindra
  5. Toyota
  6. Kia
  7. Renault
  8. Skoda
  9. Volkswagen
  10. MG

Indian Automotive Industry is having many big names however, the top ones are Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and TATA Motors . Other names also have made their mark in the Indian Automotive Industry some of the names are Toyota ( one of the most trusted and favorite brand of Indians ), Mahindra & Mahindra ( Thar of Mahindra & Mahindra is on top of everyone’s buying list), KIA , Skoda Honda, Volkswagen, Renault and Nissan etc. According to statistics the major contribution to the Indian Automotive Industry is of Maruti Suzuki followed by Hyundai and thereafter comes the TATA Motors, these three comprises 70% of the share in the Indian Automotive Industry.

Maruti Suzuki India Limited

Maruti Suzuki India Limited contributes the biggest segment of the Indian Automotive Industry. Sells different types of cars including Sedans, Hatchbacks, SUVs and MUVs in India. Maruti Suzuki is also on the top of the list when it comes to customer satisfaction even Maruti Suzuki have gotten achievement for this ( According to an independent survey, Maruti Suzuki have achieved the recognition of satisfying their customers in India for the 9th consecutive year, Survey conducted by J.D. Power Asia Pacific).

Maruti Suzuki offers 15 models in India in varied categories like hatchbacks , SUV, Sedan, Compact SUV and also in MUV category and as well as in Compact Sedan category. The most loved cars of Maruti Suzuki are Maruti Suzuki Swift, Maruti Suzuki Cellario, Maruti Suzuki Ignis, Maruti Suzuki 800, Maruti Suzuki Baleno etc. Upcoming cars of Maruti Suzuki are Jimny, Swift 2023, premium MPV, Wagon R electric. The lowest price in Maruti cars is of Maruti Alto starts from 3.39 Lakh and the highest price of Maruti Car is of XL6 that starts from 13.37 Lakh ( Price with insurance included).

Cars of Maruti Suzuki :

Serial Number Name of Maruti Cars Ex Showroom Price in DelhiMileage of Maruti Cars
1Maruti Suzuki Swift5.99 Lakh – 8.98 Lakh23.38 kmpl – 22.56 kmpl
2Maruti Suzuki Ciaz10.46 Lakh – 14.25 Lakh20 kmpl – 20.26 kmpl
3Maruti Suzuki XL613.37 Lakh – 17.10 Lakh20.2 kmpl – 26.32 kmpl
4Maruti Suzuki Celerio5.95 Lakh – 8.08 Lakh25.12 kmpl – 35.6 kmpl
5Maruti Suzuki Alto K104.42 Lakh – 6.59 Lakh24.39 kmpl – 33.85 kmpl
6Maruti Suzuki Dzire6.24 Lakh- 9.18 Lakh23.26 kmpl – 31.12 kmpl
7Maruti Suzuki Ertiga8.41 Lakh- 12.8Lakh20.51kmpl – 20.30 kmpl
8Maruti Suzuki Eco5.1Lakh – 6.41 Lakh19.71 kmpl – 26.78 kmpl
9Maruti Suzuki Ignis6.23 Lakh – 9.15 Lakh20.8 kmpl Combined
10Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Tour4.93 Lakh – 6.45 Lakh24.35 kmpl – 25.19 Kmpl
11Maruti Suzuki Baleno7.51 Lakh -11.16 Lakh22.3 kmpl – 30.61 kmpl
12Maruti Suzuki Alto3.39 Lakh – 4.28 Lakh18.9 kmpl – 26.83 kmpl
13Maruti Suzuki Brezza7.99 Lakh – 13.8 Lakh20 kmpl Combined
Maruti Suzuki Cars

Hyundai Motor India Limited :

This South Korean Automotive manufacturers have entered Indian Automotive Industry 25 years ago and with it’s sleek designs and high featured vehicles it has made it’s place high in Indian Automotive market. Though not much near to Maruti Suzuki in terms of sales however, it is gradually making it’s way to the top of the list. Hyundai has 14.54% share in Indian Automotive market, the whole fame of the Giant is contributed to it’s flagship car in India i.e. Santro which was launched back in 1998. Hyundai have 2 manufacturing plants in India.

In Hyundai cars the technological advancements and their well designed cars attracting more and more customers. Hyundai is also well known for their service network and good price range for their feature rich cars. Hyundai have also introduced lately Kona their first electric car. This South Korean Giant offers cars in different categories i.e. SUVs, Sedans, hatchbacks. The most loved cars of Hyundai in India in different categories are : SUVs – Creta, Venue, Tucson ; Sedans : Elantra, Verna, Aura ; Hatchbacks : i20, Santro, i10 Nios ;. The upcoming cars of Hyundai are New Verna, Ioniq 6, Nexo, Santa Fe and also new Kona electric. Hyundai offers it’s lowest priced car Hyundai i10 Nios at 6.37 Lakh and their highest priced car is Hyundai Ioniq 5 worth of 47.71 Lakh.

Cars of Hyundai :

Serial Number Name of Hyundai Cars Ex showroom price in Delhi Mileage of Hyundai Cars
1Hyundai Tucson28.50 Lakh -35.34 Lakh12.50 Kmpl – 15 Kmpl
2Hyundai i208.21 Lakh – 13.78 Lakh19.26 Kmpl – 25.2 Kmpl
3Hyundai Creta 12.71 Lakh – 22.74 Lakh17 Kmpl – 21 Kmpl
4Hyundai Ioniq 547.71 Lakh 8.69 Kmpu
5Hyundai Venue7.68 Lakh – 13.11 Lakh17 Kmpl – 23 Kmpl
6Hyundai Verna9.64 Lakh – 15.72 Lakh 17.7 Kmpl -25 Kmpl
7Hyundai Aura 6.30 Lakh – 8.87 Lakh20 Kmpl – 28 Kmpl Combined
8Hyundai Grand i10 Nios 6.37 Lakh – 9.65 Lakh21 Kmpl Combined
9Hyundai Alcazar 18.99 Lakh – 24.52 Lakh14.2 Kmpl – 20.4 Kmpl
10Hyundai Elantra 18.52 Lakh – 25.08 Lakh14.8 Kmpl – 15 Kmpl
11Hyundai i20 N Line 11.87 Lakh – 14.28 Lakh11.87 Kmpl – 14.28 Kmpl
12Hyundai kona Electric25.15 Lakh – 25.35 Lakh
13Hyundai Venue N Line 14.32 Lakh – 15.62 Lakh
Hyundai Cars

TATA Motors Limited :

Tata motors were the first to take the initiative to launch electric vehicles in India and with this they have incorporated the 87% market share in Electric vehicle’s market in India. The EV automobiles they offer in India are Nexon EV, Tata Tigor EV. Market share of Tata motors in Indian motive industry was increased to 13.20% and this increase is conferred majorly to their reliable cars that have high build up quality and also providing comfort on the same time. And Tata Nexon have increased the outreach of Tata motors and have made it popular among Indians.

Popular car models of Tata motors are Hexa, Tiago, Indica, Safari, Nano. Tata motors have also earned the title of Best selling vehicles in 2021 and with this accolade the desirability and fascination of customers by this domestic manufacturer is increasing. Other than passenger cars this India’s international brand also produces trucks and buses. Tata motors have 6 manufacturing plants in India. The price of Tata motors vehicles starts from their Tiago model which is priced at 6.21 lakh (including insurance) and goes up to their highest priced Tata Nexon EV Max at 16. 49 lakh. Upcoming Tata cars are Harrier 2023, Punch EV, safari 2023, Altroz.

Cars of Tata Motors :

Serial Number Name of TATA Cars Ex Showroom Price in Delhi Mileage of TATA Cars
1TATA Nexon8.88 Lakh – 16.98 Lakh16.3 Kmpl – 22 kmpl
2TATA Punch 6.71 Lakh -10.76 Lakh18.8 Kmpl – 18.9 kmpl
3TATA ALtroz6.45 Lakh – 10.40 Lakh18.37 Kmpl – 23 kmpl
4TATA Harrier 18.06 Lakh – 27.02 Lakh14.6 Kmpl – 16.3 kmpl
5TATA Safari18.86 Lakh – 28.67 Lakh14 Kmpl – 16.1 kmpl
6TATA Tiago EV13.23 Lakh – 14.59 Lakh
7TATA Tigor 6.20 Lakh – 8.90 Lakh19.2 Kmpl – 26.4 kmpl
8TATA Nexon EV Max16.49 Lakh -18.99 Lakh
9TATA Tiago6.21 Lakh – 9.11Lakh19 Kmpl – 26.4 kmpl
10TATA Nexon EV Prime 14.49 Lakh – 17.19 Lakh
11TATA NRG6.62 Lakh – 7.95 Lakh20.09 Kmpl
12TATA Tigor EV12.49 Lakh – 13.75 Lakh
TATA Motors Cars

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

Mahindra & Mahindra is a domestic manufacturer and it comprises 7.06% share in the Indian automotive industry. Mahindra & Mahindra has 5 manufacturing facilities in India. Along with passenger vehicles the company also builds tractors, buses and also trucks. People’s number one choice ‘Thar’ is also manufactured by Mahindra & Mahindra. The cars have appealing designs and also Mahindra & Mahindra offers powerful vehicles that offer great off-roading capacity.

Mahindra & Mahindra offers cars in different categories i.e., in SUV and in MUV category. The price range starts from car KUV100 NXT having price 7.03 Lakh and the expensive car offered by Mahindra & Mahindra is Alturas G4 that starts from 36.62 Lakh. And upcoming cars are also there XUV.e8, eKUV100, XUV.e9, BE.05, BE.07 etc.

Cars of Mahindra & Mahindra :

Serial Number Name of Mahindra Cars Ex Showroom Price in DelhiMileage of Mahindra Cars
1Mahindra Thar 9.99 Lakh – 16.49 Lakh 15.2 Combined
2Mahindra Bolero 9.53 Lakh – 10.48 Lakh 16 Kmpl – 17.36 kmpl
3Mahindra XUV 700 13.44 Lakh – 25.47 Lakh 13 Kmpl – 15.3 kmpl
4Mahindra XUV 3008.41 Lakh – 14.06 Lakh 17 Kmpl -20 kmpl
5Mahindra Scorpio N12.74 Lakh – 25.05 Lakh 23.75 Kmpl – 26.50 kmpl
6Mahindra Bolero Neo 9.47 Lakh – 11.99 Lakh 17.2 Kmpl
7Mahindra XUV 400 EV15.98 Lakh – 18.98 Lakh
8Mahindra Marazzo13.70 Lakh – 16.03 Lakh 17Kmpl Combined
9Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Plus 7.49 Lakh – 7.89 Lakh 17.2 Kmpl
10Mahindra Bolero Camper 9.27 Lakh – 9.76 Lakh 16 Kmpl
11Mahindra KUV 100 NXT6.17 Lakh – 7.84 Lakh 18.15 Kmpl
12Mahindra E Verito 9.12 Lakh – 9.46 Lakh 15.7 Kmpl – 21 kmpl
13Mahindra Bolero Pikup Extrastrong 8.71 Lakh – 9.39 Lakh 14.4 Kmpl
14Mahindra Bolero Pikup Extralong 8.85 Lakh – 9.12 Lakh 14.3 Kmpl
Mahindra & Mahindra Cars

Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota is at this moment is the second biggest car manufacturers in the world. This Japanese giant have came into existence by a joint venture that took place between Toyota Motor Corporation and Kirloskar Group. It has 4.99 % share in the Indian automotive Industry. Toyota offers cars in different categories i.e. in hatchbacks, SUVs, MUVs and Sedans. The popularity of Toyota in Indians is contributed to their top quality cars with high safety features enriched cars which are offered by Toyota and that too on affordable prices.

Toyota have portfolio that includes cars of premium range (Innova, Fortuner, Urban Cruiser, Glanza ), Innova and Fortuner among all premiums cars are the number one choice of Indians in Toyota cars. Upcoming cars of Toyota are : Toyota Vellfire, Toyota Camry and Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder. Their Strong and powerful engines are admired so much as they can easily pull up easily even in worst road conditions and this has proven again and again by the engines of Toyota. The cheapest car of Toyota is Toyota Glanza which is priced at 6.67 Lakh and most expensive is Toyota Land Cruiser which is priced at 2.10 crore.

Cars of Toyota :

Serial Number Name of Toyota Cars Ex Showroom Price in Delhi Mileage of Toyota Cars
1Toyota Hilux33.99 Lakh – 36.80 Lakh
2Toyota Camry45.25 Lakh
3Toyota Vellfire 94.36 Lakh 16.3 Kmpl
4Toyota Fortuner Legender 42.82 Lakh – 46.54 Lakh 14.3 Kmpl
5Toyota Urban Cruiser 9.02 Lakh – 11.73 Lakh 17 Kmpl – 18.7 Kmpl
6Toyota Glanza 6.66 Lakh – 9.99 Lakh 22.3 Kmpl – 30.61 Kmpl
7Toyota Fortuner 32.58 Lakh -50.34 Lakh 10 Kmpl -14.4 Kmpl
8Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder 10.48 Lakh – 19.49 Lakh 19.39 Kmpl – 27.97 Kmpl
9Toyota Hycross18.30 Lakh – 28.97 Lakh 16.13 Kmpl – 23.24 Kmpl
Toyota Cars

KIA Motors Corporation

Kia is also a south Korean company. It has introduced it’s first product in Indian Automotive market in 2019 however, in span of small time this South Korean Giant has made big customers base in India with their distinguished car designs and attractive features. Though few cars are offered by this automobile manufacturer there are many more are coming in upcoming years. In 2022 the share of Kia in Indian automotive industry was 5.98%. Kia offers stylish feature rich designed cars that are affordable and are also very much suitable for Indian roads, all these perks have made Kia to be a considerable choice to their customers.

The price starts from their least expensive KIA Sonet having price 7.69 Lakh and reaches up to the most expensive car i.e. Kia EV6 having price 65.95 Lakh. The reliable and sleek cars offered by Kia and there are many upcoming cars are on the way, name of some are Soul, Xceed, Sorento, Kia Seltos 2023 Kia Sportage etc.

Cars of KIA :

Serial Number Names of KIA Cars Ex Showroom Price in DelhiMileage of KIA Cars
1KIA Carens 10.19 Lakh – 18.44 Lakh 21Kmpl
2KIA Carnival 30.99 Lakh – 35.49 Lakh 14 Kmpl
3KIA EV660.95 Lakh – 65.95 Lakh
4KIA Sonet 7.69 Lakh – 14.39 Lakh 18 Kmpl
5KIA Seltos 10.69 Lakh – 19.15 Lakh 21 Kmpl
KIA Cars

Renault India Private Limited

Renault manufacturers were established in 1898 however, they entered late into the Indian Automotive Market. Renault is owned by the French car makers . Though they don’t offer many cars in their portfolio still they have made their mark in the Indian Automotive market. With Duster they entered Indian market and even the other models i.e. Kwid, Triber, Kiger have made huge popularity in India.

It is the 9th largest automobile manufacturing company worldwide. Renault have portfolio which includes cars in different category i.e. SUV, MUV and hatchback. Upcoming cars of Renault are Arkana, Duster 2024. The cheapest car of Renault cars is 4.70 Lakh and the expensive car in the portfolio is Kiger. One of the most popular car of Renault cars is Kwid this product offers value for money, the ground clearance of this car is amazing on this budget.

Cars of Renault :

Serial NumberName of Renault Cars Ex showroom Price in Delhi Mileage of Renault Cars
1Renault Kwid4.70 Lakh – 6.33 Lakh21.54 Kmpl – 22 Kmpl
2Renault Triber 6.33 Lakh – 8.97 Lakh18.2 Kmpl – 19 Kmpl
3Renault Kiger6.50 Lakh – 11.23 Lakh18.2 Kmpl – 19.61 Kmpl
Renault Cars

Skoda Auto India Private Limited

Skoda Slavia is the cheapest of the Skoda cars offered by Skoda Cars and the highest priced car offered by Skoda is Skoda Kodiaq. Skoda company is a part of Volkswagen Group. Skoda have a portfolio of 5 cars Skoda Kodiaq, Skoda Superb, Skoda Octavia, Skoda Slavia and Skoda Kushaq. Skoda offers cars only in SUV and Sedan category.

This Czech car maker has discontinued one Sedan i.e. Skoda rapid up till now and have replaced it with Skoda Slavia. This Czech owned car manufacturer has entered Indian Automotive Industry in 2001. Gradually they are making progress in Indian market. Skoda cars are famous for their premium cars that offers stylish interiors and sleek exteriors and on the same time provide amazing driving experience.

Cars of Skoda :

Serial Number Name of Skoda Cars Ex Showroom Price in Delhi Mileage of Skoda Cars
1Skoda Kodiaq 37.49 Lakh – 39.99 Lakh 13 Kmpl
2Skoda Superb 34.19 Lakh – 37.29 Lakh 15 Kmpl
3Skoda Octavia27.35 Lakh -30.45 Lakh 16 Kmpl
4Skoda Slavia11.29 Lakh -18.39 Lakh 19 Kmpl
5Skoda Kushaq11.59 Lakh – 19.69 Lakh 19 Kmpl
Skoda Cars

Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Entered Indian automotive industry in 2007, Volkswagen is owned by the Germany based brand Volkswagen AG. It has one manufacturing brand in India. Volkswagen also became number one when it comes to becoming biggest manufacturers of cars in the world.

The price of Volkswagen starts at 13.51 Lakh i.e. Virtus and the most expensive model of Volkswagen is Tiguan. Cars are offered by this automotive manufacturer in two category i.e. in SUVs and Sedan. Upcoming cars in India are 1D.4, Polo 2023, Tiguan and Allspace 2023.

Cars of Volkswagen :

Serial Number Names of Volkswagen Cars Ex Showroom Price in Delhi Mileage of Volkswagen Cars
1Volkswagen Virtus11.34 Lakh – 18.41 Lakh 18 Kmpl – 19 Kmpl
2Volkswagen Taigun 11.55 Lakh – 18.95 Lakh 19 Kmpl
3Volkswagen Tiguan 33.49 Lakh 13 Kmpl
Volkswagen Cars

MG Car Company Limited

MG cars Are owned by British manufacturers and was founded in 1920. China bought it in 2008 and soon thereafter MG have launched their first product in India i.e. MG Hector. Only one manufacturing plant is present in India. In India MG have gained popularity in Indian automotive Industry by MG hector car, portfolio of MG includes MG Hector, MG Gloster, MG Astor and they have also entered in the electric vehicle industry by MG ZS.

The starting price of MG car is 12.34 Lakh which is of MG Astor and expensive product of MG cars is MG Gloster priced at 35.17 Lakh. Upcoming cars of MG cars is eRX5, eHS, Euniq etc.

Cars of MG :

Serial NumberName of MG Cars Ex Showroom Price in Delhi Mileage of MG Cars
1MG Hector14.72 Lakh – 21.72 Lakh Kmpl – Kmpl
2MG Astor 10.51 Lakh – 18.42 Lakh Kmpl – Kmpl
3MG Gloster32.59 Lakh – 41.77 Lakh Kmpl – Kmpl
4MG Hector Plus 17.49 Lakh – 22.42 Lakh Kmpl – Kmpl
5MG ZS EV22.98 Lakh -26.99 Lakh Kmpl – Kmpl
MG Cars

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