Sun Effect On Car Paint When Car Sitting in Sun All Day Long

Sun rays are very important to every being however some of the harmful radiations are also present in those rays. UV rays are the harmful rays present in the spectrum of light. No doubt that we need sun rays for our survival however we also get unwanted harmful rays along with them. UV rays not only affect beings, rather they have deteriorating affect on materialistic things as well, color of car or paint of car is easily faded by the UV rays though every color fade gradually at different rates however the quickest fading colors are the dark colors and the top of the list is red color.

How much time does the sun take to damage the car paint ?

If your car is sitting in sun all day long then the fading of car paint in your car could be as early as 2 years however the fading of the car with minimal care and precautions will start by the year 5. However if you take care of the car and properly wash it and park it under shade then for sure the paint deterioration will be at slower rate, because the less the exposure of the car in the sun the more the paint will last.

Fading of car paint under the sun :

The fading of car paint differs as the basic colors like white will fade at slower rate however the less common colors observed in cars like red, green, brown etc. will fade out quickly. So it is conferred to this reason that people prefer to buy basic colored cars because they will have the paint color persisted on car for longer duration.

Things that hasten the early fading of car paint :

Ultraviolet rays : When the car is sitting all day long in the sun the paint of the car will be impacted . Sunlight have the electromagnetic spectrum which consists of UV radiation and this UV radiation is made up of two components, the first one is the UVA and the other one is UVB, main responsible rays for the fading of car paint is the UVB.

Bird and Flies Excreta : The waste product of bird and flies contains major composition of uric acid and other substances as well, along with UV rays and excreta of flies and birds, big impact on the deterioration of topcoat of car will happen if you will not wash your car for many days.

Chemicals in atmosphere : Many gases which are not visible to our eyes remain suspended in the air and the molecules of these gases when interact with the molecules of the paint of the car causes the color alteration as the time passes.

Dust and Dirt : The dust and dirt particles causes microscopic scratches in a car and these microscopic scratches dull the shine of the topcoat and thus it becomes one of the cause of deterioration of the car color. When you rub the cloth to clean the car then the small dust particles can very easily come in between the surface of the car and the cloth and these when get rubbed causes minute scratches causing dullness of the car paint.

Abrasive products : The use of abrasive product may also trigger the compromise of car paint color as many times chemical substances is present in them which are not good for the color of car paint so avoid using the abrasive products otherwise you will found it having bad affect on car’s topcoat.

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Car sitting in sun how much does it get affected by the sun ?

Car sitting under sun all day long is many times very badly affected by the rays of the sun as rays of sun is made up electromagnetic spectrum which have a component called Ultraviolet Radiation this UVR has the wavelength and it is one responsible for affecting the car’s topcoat. The topcoat of the car is mainly distorted over time and you can even start to see the effect as soon as 2 years and by the 8th or 10th year your car can lose total shine of the paint color and even in worst cases one can notice the chipping off of component of paint.

In the end the base of the car is also visible in worst case scenarios and this is how much the sun can affect your car’s topcoat and this process can be slowed down by many practices like washing your car frequently, parking your car under shade and drying the car after wash by dry cloth, all these activities will surely going to help your car paint to live for longer time.

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How much does it cost to fix the sun damage on a car ?

Though sun is very important for the survival of everything on this earth however continuous exposure to sunlight for long time is not good for living beings (for example: long exposure in sunlight causes dehydration in plants (causes wilting of plants) and living beings ) as well as not good to the materialistic world including the car paint. UV rays is one of the component of the sunlight is harmful to the living individuals and to the car’s topcoat. The topcoat contains molecules that gets affected by the Ultra Violet component of the sunlight and this causes fading and also chipping off of the car paint in worst conditions when the car get the continuous exposure to the sun.

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Fixing cost of car depend on various factors and it can be range from 30,000 rupees to 70,000 rupees or above. The cost of painting of car depend on different factors like:

Quality and color of paint : Quality of paint is a very important aspect as paints are also available in the market at lesser price as well however the low quality paint many times will not give you the value for money so you must go for the higher quality whenever it comes to getting your car paint done. The color of paint is also a reason that increases the amount of money that you have to spend to get your car paint done. The basic colors like the white, black are easily available and will not cost you big amount however the colors which are not common like the red, brown and green etc. will be expensive choice.

Size of vehicle : Car comes in varied shapes and sizes, some are bigger in size like the sedans and bigger SUVs however some are midsized and many are small in size like the coupe and hatchbacks so different sizes of car demands different quantity of paint and different set of labor force to work up on them. So bigger the size of vehicle bigger will be the cost to get the paint done and cost also depends on the quality and color of paint however inexpensive ones are also available but they will not last longer.

Place where you get your job done : In market you will get different type of shops that get your job done at different prices. You can easily get your job done at less price where less equipment or less expertise is present however you can also get your job done from places which will provide you with high quality of paint and will be equipped well and will offer more expertise. However it’s not totally dependent on the place rather more dependent on the expertise of the laborers so try to choose place that offers you more expertise and better results however you can do the negotiations and can pay little less but the main thing should be the result and that must not be compromised.

Tips to protect your car from extreme heat and sunlight :

Cover your car : Cover the car with car covers as these will protect the car from the Ultraviolet Radiation which is not good for the top coat of the car. The car covering will also keep the grit and dust away from the car as this will protect the car from microscopic scratches which is also many time responsible for deteriorating the car’s paint.

Park under shade : Parking under shade will also be so much beneficial as it will protect the car from the unnecessary ultraviolet radiation which will cause the fading of car paint with the passage of time so try parking your car under shade wherever you will get the place under the shade to park your car.

Wash car more frequently : Washing car more frequently will be more helpful as washing your car everyday will keep your car’s paint to last for longer duration as the excreta or many flies and birds can cause damage to the car’s topcoat. Because the excreta of the flies and the birds contains acidic substances in it which causes damage to the car paint.

Dry car after wash with dry cloth : This is a very necessary thing however many individuals don’t understand this thing and they leave the car to dry on its own and this will let the dust particles to sit on the car and these small particles will rub with the paint surface and will impact the topcoat and minute scratches will be made because of these.

Use wax to prevent paint : Waxing your car everyday is one of the best methods of protecting the car paint and also with the help of waxing not only the topcoat of car is protected from the ultraviolet radiation rather it will be protected from all the chemicals present in the surrounding environment and also from the bird’s and flies droppings which causes unnecessary damage.


  • Which color fades the fastest by the rays of sun ?

Red color or the uncommon color fades the fastest like green, brown etc. when compared to the basic colors like white, black.

  • Which color paint fades the slowest by the rays of sun ?

White color fades at slowest pace when compared to other colors.

  • How to reverse the paint damage by the sun ?

There is no way to reverse the damage done by the sun to the car color however one can protect their car’s paint color from the starting by cleaning car everyday, by parking under shade, by covering the car under sun etc.

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