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Earlier everyone was carrying photocopies along with them and many times if the documents were kept in the digital lockers were never accepted however the time has changed now anyone can carry their documents in the digital lockers.

But still the question arises that should I carry copy of my car documents along with me ? Will carrying copy of car documents meet the need of validation when asked by the officials ? Or do we need to carry only the original car documents ? Can carrying copy of car documents be enough, will officials be OK if someone shows them copy of their car documents ? Answer to this question is that copy of car documents is not accepted or validated by the officials when they inspect your car documents. Only the originals, may it be in form of digital or may it be available in Physicals form, only original ones would be considered.

We Will clear all your doubts regarding the issue of acceptability of copy of car documents in this article. After studying thorough different articles and different platforms the information is collected and presented here in this article.

Can I Carry Copy of My Car Documents ?

“No” only original documents are validated by the officials if you are asked to produce the documents however you can show copy of the “Insurance Policy” only. With this new technological times you do not need to carry the physical documents rather you can take advantage of the online apps where you can store your original documents. But can you store your document on any online available app ? No, you have to store the original documents only in the government authorized apps and they are DigiLocker App and m-Parivahan App.

m-Parivahan App

m-Parivahan App is a government application produced by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) that comes under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology ( MeitY ). m- Parivahan App is offered by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway and this app allows you to produce certified documents digitally of your car if you are inspected for your car documents.

DigiLocker App

DigiLocker is also government offered App which comes under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. This government authorized app offer similar functioning to the m-Parivahan App in few things like it offers storage of original certified documents. with the use of m-parivahan App and DigiLocker App one can eliminate the condition of carrying the original documents and copy of car documents as both apps produce certified documents for the verification process.

You can carry all the car documents in m-Parivahan App and in DigiLocker App like your Car Registration Certificate (RC), Insurance Certificate of the Car, Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC), Driving License (DL) and also if any Permits are there you can carry them in either App.

Benefits of Carrying Documents in Digital Lockers (m-Parivahan App, DigiLocker App) :

  • You can Avail Documents at Anytime and Anywhere ( Quick & Easy Access )
  • No chances of stealing of documents
  • Easy Portability of Documents

Is It Compulsory to Carry Original Car Documents ?

“Yes”, it compulsory to carry original documents of the car however there is no obligation to carry it in the physical form rather you can carry documents in the digital form also. The two above described apps are used to carry the documents as the documents produced by the m-Parivahan App and DigiLocker are validated by the officials as both the apps are offered by the government of India to the Indian Public.

According to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, Registration Certificate is made mandatory to be carried in a vehicle. And when it comes to Driving License according to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 of India under the section 3 (1) it states that a person is only permitted to drive a vehicle in the public places if they are provided with authorized Driving License. And when it comes to Insurance certificate, Insurance certificate is a crucial document required to be carried all the time in a vehicle according to the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 under the section 146 and Insurance Certificate acknowledges the status of your policy, about the vehicle and also some details regarding the policy holder. Pollution Under Control (PUC) is also a crucial document needed to be carried all the time. It is made mandated to carry Pollution Under Control Certificate in your car under the Motor Vehicle Act (1988 )under the section 190(2).

What Documents Should You Carry in Your Car ?

The important documents which you must have in your car whenever you are going on a drive or long ride or for long trips whenever you are taking your car out on the public places you have to remember that officials can ask for the documents and the necessary documents that you should carry in your car are:

Registration Certificate : Tells about ownership of the car and also if it not a stolen one.

Driving License : It tells about your eligibility to drive on the public places, Driving license is only issued by the RTO to an individual who clear the driving test.

PUC or Pollution Under Control Certificate : It is the certificate which you also have to produce in front of officials when asked, PUC tells about the your car if it is producing any harmful emission or not.

Insurance Certificate : It tells about the policy details of the car and some details about the policy holder.

Permits : Some Places requires permits before visiting them so you have to produce them if asked for it.

Frequently Asked Questions :

  • Is photocopy of car documents valid in India ?

“No” photocopy of car documents is not valid in India. You have to carry the original documents only, however it is not mandatory anymore to carry the originals in physical form rather you can carry the car documents digitally in the government authorized apps like m-Pariwahan and DigiLocker.

  • Is Photocopy of RC is valid ?

“No” Photocopy of RC is not valid you have to carry the original RC only, doesn’t matter if you have the physical form or digital form but you have to carry the original document only.

  • Can I drive my new car without RC book ?

Your dealer give you a temporary registered number for your car. Get your vehicle registered in 7 days after after the vehicle.

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