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History of MG Company

Cars of MG Company in India

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MG Company a British automotive company which is also known as Morris Garages, was founded in 1920s. Earlier is was widely known for its major contribution in building the two seater sports car. But later this British automotive brand is taken over by the Chinese SAIC ( Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) Motor in 2008. In Indian market the MG company entered with the mid sized SUV which was a big hit and this SUV has given a good identity to MG brand in the Indian Automotive market and excited many car lovers with the fascinating features of the car. The interior and exterior look of the car along with the amazing features was so amazing that it have started to attract many car lovers to buy this new SUV.

History of MG company


Morris Garages founded by Cecil Kimber in 1920s which was best known earlier for it’s sports car and then it started making SUVs and now have landed in the EV sector as well. Cecil Kimber started manufacturing his own version of cars and sold them from his own place Morris Garage, after which the company got it’s name. In initial period of time the company was only giving it’s contribution to the western world but later it started manufacturing SUVs for the eastern world.

MG inaugurated the initial manufacturing facility in 2017 in Halol, Gujrat and from their it started making its contribution in the Indian market. The MG debuted Indian market with the mid-sized SUV Hector and with this opportunity it later started gaining popularity and later it have added 4 more cars in its portfolio, which were SUVs with the petrol or diesel operated cars but later EV was also introduced. The MG car price ranges from Astor which is having price 9.78 Lakh to the expensive new MG Gloster having price 31.99 Lakh. The 5 cars in the portfolio of MG cars are ,Hector which is a mid-sized SUV with which the company debuted in the Indian market, Astor compact SUV which is the most affordable MG car in India ,three-row Hector plus which was later introduced in the portfolio of MG cars, MG Gloster full size premium SUV and the ZS EV (EV version of the Astor car). Many MG cars are also on the way to conquer the Indian Automotive market, as on 31st of august 2022 the new new MG Gloster is also launched with the starting price 31.99 Lakh.

The MG hector comes in the automotive market with the availability of both petrol and diesel options and it start with the price 14.15 lakh in India and ranges to 20.11 lakh. The MG Astor SUV only comes in the petrol option and the price of the car ranges from 10.22 Lakh to 18.13 Lakh. MG ZS EV the only electric SUV under the MG portfolio and the price of the ZS EV starts with 21.99 ranges up to 25.88 Lakh. MG Gloster which comes only in the diesel option and this car gives the tough competition to the rivalry car of the Toyota brand and this car ranges from 31.50 Lakh to 39.50 Lakh and falls under the expensive car in the list of the MG portfolio. The SUV Hector plus which is in the availability of petrol and diesel, the price ranges from 14.65 Lakh onwards.

Cars of MG in India

MG HectorPETROL OR DIESELStarts at 14.15 Lakh
MG AstorPETROLStarts at 10.22 Lakh
MG ZS EVELECTRICStarts at 21.99 Lakh
MG Gloster DIESELStarts at 31.50 Lakh
MG Hector PlusPETROL OR DIESELStarts at 14.65 Lakh

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