5 ways to extend lifespan of your car tyres?

Here are 5 ways by which you will learn here how to extend the lifespan of your car tyres. A tyre can have a very well condition only if you take care of it and tyres are the only part of the car which really connects the vehicle to the road and tyres acts as a linker between the two so you have to take care of this intermediary if you want a long life of it. A tyre deteriorates even if it is not used so aging of tyres is inevitable, we can only slow the process of aging of tyres but it will eventually age and it will surely and ultimately going to deteriorate after few years. Tyre ages because of the oxidation process, means that when tyres comes in contact with oxygen then gradually it starts aging, in the oxidation process of tyres, the tyre becomes more brittle which hastens the wearing of tyres.

Exposure to environmental elements such as the sun, UV radiations etc causes deterioration of tyre quickly and certain other reasons such as wrong driving habits, tyre design, road conditions also impacts the condition of tyres, causing tread wears and it’s impossible to know how long your tire is going to last but you can for sure do few things to make your tyre last for longer periods. The maximum time after which a tyre cannot be used is 10 years, after it tyre must be replaced. Many tyre manufacturers claim that a tyre can be used up to 50,000 km and recently many manufacturers have started claiming 1,00,00 kms, after reaching this limit you should get your tyre replaced. To increase the lifespan of your tyres, below are few points which can be helpful for you, so do start practicing these in your life if you want to increase the life span of your car tyres:

  1. Check tyres pressure at regular intervals : One of the important practice that one car owner or any other vehicle owner should cultivate for increasing the life of their tyres is to have regular checks for tire inflation and keep them inflated well, not over or under inflated. Follow the manufacturers recommended PSI which is mainly 32 PSI to 36 PSI for passenger cars. Tyre inflation is essential as it affects traction and overall car performance and contributes to the Fuel economy as underinflated tyres needs more fuel to run them. So, keep them well inflated and also learn what will happen if the tyres will be underinflated or overinflated: Underinflated Tyres : The underinflated tyres are the number one cause of premature wearing of tyres because in this case much area comes in contact with the road which means that the tyre will have increased footprint which means that more area is for friction which causes overheating leading to wearing of tread of the tyre thus lessening the lifespan of a tyre. And many people keep using their car without worrying what their car’s tyre pressure is, don’t be one of them as it is just going to take money out of your pocket. Underinflated tyres are more economical. Overinflated Tyres : In case of overinflated tyres, less area comes in contact with the road and with this the footprint decreases which results in reduced performance and you will not have comfortable ride with overinflated tyres and this happens mainly in summer season and with this the abnormal wearing of tread can happen and during the time of high temperature like in scorching summers the tyre can even burst. So, advanced caring regarding the correct inflation of tyres is very much essential. In overinflated tyres the centre of the tyres deteriorates more quickly than the sidewalls.
  2. Avoid wrong driving habits : Many people are harsh drivers they want to accelerate more and want to apply brake more, though sometimes it is fun, no doubt, but not all the time a car can handle great push on the accelerator or on the brake pads, repercussions are only in against your vehicle and higher the acceleration or higher the brakes, higher the friction is going to be which is going to overheat the tyre and will ultimately result in wearing of the tyre treads and this will deteriorate the tyre and will decrease the lifespan of your tyre.
  3. Tyre rotation : There are so many benefits of tyre rotation and it’s major contribution is in lessening the tyre wear as rotating the position of the tyres will give the advantage of even wearing of tyres. The front tyres wear faster in comparison to the rear tyres. One should get the tyre rotation done when your car have covered 8000km to 10,000km, this way your tyre will evenly wear and the life span of the tyres will be increased which is our prime goal, the rotation of tyres also depends up on the type of tyres you are using and also majorly depends on the driving habits of a person.
  4. Alignment and balancing of wheels : Tyres alignment and balancing plays an important role in uneven wearing of tread and unaligned and unbalanced tyres causes deterioration of the sidewalls of the tyres. The tyre alignment and balancing corrects the angles of the tyres with the road. The imperfect tyres alignment and balancing means that they will go either in left or right direction dominantly which will have repercussion of little shelf life of the tyres and because of poor alignment and balancing of the tyres will have damaged walls. The alignment and balancing of tyres can cost you nearly 800 Rs and for SUVs the charge will increase slightly to 1000 Rs and every tyre needs a seprate alignment and seperate balancing.
  5. Punctured tyre needs quick repair : Punctured tyre is the quickest way to kill the life of a tyre and is a call for a new tyre thereafter. But if you want to keep the tyre even after the puncture then get it quickly fixed and don’t drive for long period with the punctured tyre. If the tyre repeatedly getting flat after the repair then it can not last for longer period but if the punctured is fixed then it can have a life span like a normal tyre.

Bonus tips for increasing life span of a tyre :

  • Do not park your car in the direct contact with the sunlight and UV radiation as it will cause quick damage to your tyre and decrease it’s lifespan.
  • Do not get your tyre overloaded as this implies so much pressure on the tyre which will impact the life span of the tyre.

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