15 Top Must Needed Car Accessories for Summer Season

Summer season is almost here and the summer heat is going to beat us soon so for that reason we need to switch to car accessories that will help us to keep cool. Here is the list of 15 top must needed car accessories for this summer season.

Image Product Details   Price
image-5 Xool Car Electric Fan Color: Black
Dimensions : 4.3″D x 10.4″W x 5.5″H
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image-7 AstroAI Mini Fridge Color: White
Dimensions : 5.5″x5.3″x8.07″
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image-40 Econour Car Windshield Sun Shade Color: Silver
Dimensions : 64Lx34B Inches
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image-12 Febreze Unstoppables Car Odor Fighting Car Fresheners Product form:  Vent Form
Dimensions : 4.53×1.34×6.5 inches
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image-23 Kinder Fluff Car Window shade Color: Black
Dimensions :20×12 inches and also in dimension 25×16 inches
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image-44 Leather Steering Wheel Cover Color: Black and
Dimensions : Diameter of product is 45cm
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image-27 Mornyray Waterproof Car Cover All Weather Color: Black and
Dimensions : 200x80cm
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image-28 Noggle, Making the Backseat Cool Again Color: Black
Dimensions :3 sizes 6ft, 8ft and 10ft
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image-29 Dorman 599-11XD Climate Control Module Color: Black
Dimensions : 11.25×6.25×3.75 inches
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image-30 Finewood 2 Pack Glasses Holders for Car Sun Visior Color: Black Check Price
image-31 Engine Ice TYD5008 High Performance Coolant 0.5 Gallon Color: Blue
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image-32 Moyidea Windshield Sunshade Color: Black and Silver
Dimensions :13.5×2.9×2.9 inches
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image-33 Ivicy Suede Car Seat Covers for all Seasons Color: Black
Material Used : Faux Suede
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image-34 AstroAI Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor Color: Black
Voltage : 12V DC
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Xool Car Electric Fan

Buy this portable electric fan for rear seats having rotation capacity about 360 Degree and having a battery of 12V. Great for cars which don’t have ACs inside them and also for the time when your car’s AC stops somehow maybe because of some internal malfunctioning then it is a handy player. Dimensions of the fan are 4.3″D x 10.4″W x 5.5″H, efficient at it’s work. Two fan heads gives air circulation to every corner in the back seat and air reaches to every part of the car and enable to cool down the temperature inside the car. This Xool electric car fan is compatible with small and large SUVs also with Sedans.

AstroAI Mini Fridge

Buy this summer AstroAI Mini Fridge, it is a AC/DC operating mini fridge having capacity of 6 Litres. This is of great use when you are in need to have cold beverages and chilled water in your car. You can connect this compact fridge to a battery that would be enough to make it sustain and also you can connect this AstroAI Mini Fridge to car’s battery. This mini fridge can be used to store water, beverages, food items, makeup and essential items and can become a wonderful choice for your cars and also this can be used in offices as well because it occupies very less space as the dimensions of fridge are small 5.5″x5.3″x8.07″. It is great for travelling as it can easily keep the essentials cool and it also have removable shelf which can be easily removed when required. This little fridge is a value for money for sure.

Econour Car Windshield Sun Shade

Buy Econour Car windshield Sun Shade for this summer for your car. This car essential is a must for a car this summer as this protects car’s internal accessories from damaging sun rays. This product is having storage pouches in them that protects you from sun and UV rays. 240T Sun blocker screen protector material is used in it and the dimensions of the product are 64 inches of length and 32 inches of breadth. Econour Car windshield sun shade comes in different shapes and sizes so you can the ones which will be of good size for your car.

Febreze Unstoppables Car Odor Fighting Car Fresheners

Purchase this awesome product for this summer for your car as this is one of the crucial car essential that benefits you when the odor inside your car is not good. Sometimes in summer the sweaty smell will make the atmosphere bad and at that time this amazing car accessories would be in need. Febreze Unstoppables car air freshers doesn’t melt even at high temperature (tested for up to 160F or 65C degree) and will last long for 30 days even when the intensity of the product is set from low to high. This product will increase your driving experience as it will keep the atmosphere fresh inside your car. So, do buy this small air fresheners from Febreze Unstoppables Car Fresheners as they will keep the odor good inside your car and are easy to install on the same time.

Kinder Fluff Car Window shade

Kinder Fluff Car window Shade is one of the must need summer car accessory as it protects the internal car upholstery and the passengers from the heat of the sun. It is an amazon choice product and also a very good product even for babies, they are also certified products. Available in two dimensions one is 20×12 inches and also in dimension 25×16 inches. Two set one would get, set one is transparent and the other set provides semi transparent car window cover which you can put on windows of your car according to your needs. These car window covers protects from UVB and UVA, all these things make it to be a very good product to be in your car this summer.

Leather Steering Wheel Cover

This amazing car accessory is a must for your car as in summers it is very common to get sweaty hands and at that time this leather steering wheel cover is at rescue, the material is of such good quality that it provides anti slip property and it is also a breathable product. The diameter of product is 45cm which can make it to fit easily 14.5 inch and 15 inch steering wheels. The inner side of the steering wheel cover is soft, it will protect the steering wheel from scratches. Installation of the product is also very easy, all these characteristics of the product make it to be a must have car accessory in your car.

Mornyray Waterproof Car Cover All Weather

Buy this Waterproof Car Cover All Weather from Mornyray. Many people don’t have parking to park their car inside or under shades, however car covers can rescue you in summers. Car Cover is a very essential car accessory which is on the top of must needed accessory for summer season for your cars. It is a universal fit product, protects car from heat of sun and UV rays. Elasticized hem and 3 buckles are present on the covers which keeps it intacted tightly with the car even in the windy weather however won’t do good with high winds. Dimensions of the product are 200x80cm perfect fit for sedans however can be used for other vehicles like SUVs and trucks etc.

Noggle, Making the Backseat Cool Again

Get this amazing products this summers, Noggle, making the backseat cool again. When your car is not having rear vents and you need right cooling for your rear passengers or for child in the rear seat then this is the much needed car accessory for you. Noggle can be easily installed on the front vents of air conditioner and with the help of nozzle the cool air can be easily carried to the back seat. Noggle is present in 3 sizes 6ft, 8ft and 10ft you can opt for the one which will satisfy your needs. It can also be used in winter season same way to keep your children or rear passengers warm in the rear seats.

Dorman 599-11XD Climate Control Module

Buy this awesome product this summers, Dorman 599-11XD climate control module features a software which do not need any manual setup rather it configures on it’s own. Many times a car have climate control module available in them instead of air conditioning systems. Dorman 599-11XD can be used in selected car models and it can be easily installed . Dimensions of the product are 11.25×6.25×3.75 inches. Dorman 599-11XD climate control module is the newer version of 599-11 and these can be very easily interchanged.

Finewood 2 Pack Glasses Holders for Car Sun Visior

These Finewood 2 pack Glasses Holders for Car Sun Visior are one of the crucial and handy car essential as one can easily hang their glasses on them and there is also a place for holding one car. It is a flexible product rotates 360 degree and doesn’t obstruct the front view of driver. The material is soft so make no marks on the arms of the glasses. These can be easily installed and are value for money however, cons of the product are also there along with the pros, glasses can be easily drawn out of the pack with one hand but you need to take a stop to put your glasses back to the pack as it is a two hand job and cannot be done with single handedly and sometimes if the glasses are of plastic then it scratches them.

Engine Ice TYD5008 High Performance Coolant 0.5 Gallon

Buy this awesome product for your engine smooth functioning this summer. Engine Ice TYD5008 High Performance is a engine coolant which is an essential product in summers as vehicles get overheated in summer season and coolant has to be handy in that scenario. It is phosphate free coolant and is biodegradable, non toxic helps in bringing down the temperature of the engine. It is a easy to use product and is premixed and deionized product. It is produced in such a way that with the aid of this coolant the engine doesn’t lose it’s efficiency at high temperatures.

Moyidea Windshield Sunshade

Get this amazing product, Moyidea Windshield Sunshade is used to cover the windscreen which protects the car’s inner accessories and upholstery from UV rays and heat from the sun. The dimensions of the product are 13.5×2.9×2.9 inches, this sunshade is compatible majorly with many cars including SUVs, sedans , minivans etc. The product is easy to carry and is easy to open and use. This windshield sunshade keeps the inner environment of the car cool that will help in having good driving experience. It is made from silver coated cloth which comprises the houstin TiO2 material and it works similar to an umbrella.

Ivicy Suede Car Seat Covers for all Seasons

Purchase this amazing must needed summer car accessory this summer season. Ivicy suede car seat covers are the seat covers for all season these are universal fits so can be used in any type of cars may it be sedans, SUVs or hatchbacks. The material which is used to build this product is soft Faux suede. The product is easy to install and is non slip on the same time. It will comfort you in both the weathers in summers as well as in winters. It protects the leather seats from dirt, dust and many other impurities. These are available for front seaters only. The functionality of the product is amazing as it will serve you the way you wish a product will serve you in summers and winter season. It protects thighs burning from leather seats in summer season and is also a very useful product for winter season as well, as it will keep your thighs warm on leather seats in winters.

AstroAI Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor

Buy this portable tire inflator from AstroAI. It is an amazing product works with efficiency as it fills at rate 35L/min air in your tires. It needs 10A to 15A of current from a wall plug and won’t work with the battery by which the AC operates. It can inflate tire of size 195/55/R15 from 0 to 35psi in 5 minutes and this dictates about the efficiency of the product. It have LCD screen which makes it easy to read even in the dark and with only one press you can easily change the units of the pressure in which you want your air to be filled. As tires bursting is very common in summer season so this product will be of great use in such conditions.

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